Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Guirlandes c1982

Guirlandes by Carven: launched in 1982. It was created for the young woman by Jean Guichard of Robertet.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chasse Gardee by Carven c1950

Chasse Gardée by Carven: launched in 1950. Created by Yuri Gutsatz.

This Third Carven perfume was released in September 1950 in Biarritz, on the occasion of a gala chaired by King Farouk of Egypt, in a very pleasing tumult of packs of dogs, hunting horns. This fragrance evokes the undergrowth and symbolizes the splendor of the hunt.

Vert et Blanc by Carven c1958

Vert et Blanc by Carven: launched in 1958. Expressly created for the Universal Exhibition in Brussels held in 1958. Vert et Blanc "green and white" in French, was Madame Carven's signature colors.

Robe d'Un Soir by Carven c1947

Robe d'Un Soir by Carven: launched in 1947. The name means "evening gown" in French.

Ma Griffe by Carven c1946

Ma Griffe by Carven: launched in 1946. Created by Jean Carles. The name means "My Signature" as well as "My Claw" in French. Undoubtedly, a pun on the name, as Madame Carven clawed her way to top the design world and left her mark with her revolutionary Ma Griffe perfume.